Tom Delano

Tom Delano is a country singer/songwriter from Gothenburg, Sweden. He released an album in 1994 ”Addicted To Your Heart” and started touring the honky-tonks, bars and restaurants all over southern Sweden for twelve years before he stopped after one show in Väröbacka in March 2005. He then left the music business but kept writing some songs every now and then but did nothing more until 2015 when he began to work on a comeback in a smaller scale. In January 2016 he re-realesed eight of the songs from ”Addicted To Your Heart” but now under the title ”Play Me Another Country Song”, he also recorded some songs at a private gig that was released as an EP later in that year ”Live At Farangens Bar 160116”. In 2017 he's performing regularly at smaller venues in the Gothenburg area and he also performed in Thailand this year. His new album “Ain’t Got No Money” has just been released and includes the single ”At Nights It Hurts The Most To Be Alone”. Tom plays traditional country music.
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