Sombre Moon


Sombre Moon are an electronic duo from Gloucestershire, UK.

Steve Loxley and Amanda Jane Rogers met at some gigs in 2014 and not long after followed Recovery. They have both released other music since, but decided to restart an idea they had which was Sombre Moon.  They are feeling really positive about the songs they have so far released since forming in August 2017.  Their first release Blurred Reality (single) October 2017, Hereafter (single and EP) February 2018, followed by Prayer (single) June 2018, Prayer EP July 2018 followed by Numb (single) October 2018.

They have been lucky to get a lot of airplay all over the world on the internet and FM radio stations.  July 2018 saw them begin rehearsing for live gigs.  25thOctober 2018 they did their first live radio session at Sedgmoor FM/Artefaktor Radio and played their first gig at the YMCA the same evening including a live version of their new single (Numb) which was released 2 days later.

Blurred Reality and Hereafter was produced by Gary Watts of Nature of Wires @NatureofWires Twitter.

Prayer and Numb were produced by Mark Kendrick, of Fused Music @fusedofficial on Twitter.

They are excited how well their music is being received, have an extremely busy Twitter (@Sombremoon) and also Instragram (Sombremoonofficial) Facebook – Sombre Moon. You Tube channel - Sombre Moon.

Bandcamp is where they mainly sell their music and merchandise.  Their music is also available in most other online stores to buy and to stream.

They are excited where the future may lead and have more music in progress. They have 2 live dates coming up February 2nd /March 16th 2019 along with friends Nature of Wires, This Human Condition and Fourth Engine. Also, 27th April 2019 sees them playing alongside 14 other bands at Artefaktor Live 3 in London at Electrowerkz.

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