Sam Samax

Sam Samax being one of the most promising star in the galaxy of 
alternative rock, rock, alternative, soft rock, bollywood and bengali 
music is a purveyor of melody. Coming of an immensely versatile 
musical lineage, he inherited singing naturally. With the supervision 
of his own father and musical maestro Mr. Swapan Mukherjee he has had 
an accomplishment of a rich education in music. In his earlier days, 
Sam worked in his high school band, and at present he is being trained 
by Mr. Rituraj Sen. Beside his singing, Sam turned out to be a 
polymath in performance, composition and in composing extra ordinary 
lyrical poetry. He has performed in different important venues of the 
country and in neighbouring countries and the journey is on with his 
recent endeavour 'Broken Arrows', an alternative rock album that has 
been released lately.

Children with Cancer Charity       would like to thank
Sam Samax
    for donating his album
Broken Arrows

  I am very grateful to him. is a non-profit, not registered in England and Wales, I raise funds and donate to Registered charity - The Bradley Lowery Foundation Research Fund.