Life can be cheerful; Life can be sad. But one has to be strong and continually thrive, pull strength from within or from around, and continue in this journey... 


When I compose, I always put those in perspective. I always thrive to keep hope alive in my lyrics; though knowing that this life can be a struggle - even a perpetual struggle for some. Thus, in the mist of all the pain, I hope those in pain can reach to a hope from within and "Shine" forth still or be "Free", and smile, be it a moment in time. 


I'm a diverse singer-songwriter. I do upbeat songs and also downtempos or solemn songs; going from Metal, Rock, EDM, Slow Rock to New Age. I'm glad I can use my versatility musically to touch the lives of many. And I'm glad to be able to donate these ones. 

Children with Cancer Charity
          would like to thank
         for donating her album
     I am very grateful to her. is a non-profit, not registered in England and Wales, I raise funds and donate to Registered charity - The Bradley Lowery Foundation Research Fund.