Prin is a songwriter, piano player and piano/music teacher from the New York City area, living in NJ. 

Upcoming Album – Prin is working on an album of original songs, featuring the time, talent and creative genius of some deliciously brilliant musicians: 

Doug Yowell, Thad DeBrock, Jonathan Maron and Mark Plati. 

Prin On Music 

“We feel through music, sometimes what we are afraid to feel without it.” 

Prin – Songwriter 

Music Career 

Prin has worked as a musician since 1995, starting as a 15 year old piano player in church, weddings and gigs in the New York City area. In 2000, she began teaching music in Manhattan and still maintains private students, while working as a manager with The Piano School of NYC. 

Around 2003, Prin began collecting her songwriting to attempt rough recordings and familiarized herself with the song production process at Veltri Studios in Jersey City. There are now over 150 original songs that have led to the current album project. 

In 2013, Prin connected with Esther O’Connor from the Scottish band, Ashton Lane to co-write “Crash into Me,” released on iTunes by the band in 2014 as a single and included in the 2015 album “Count the Stars.” In 2014, Prin began plans with old-time friend, Doug Yowell, to record her first professional album production. That plan finally took flight in the summer of 2015 at The Bunker Studios, leading to an early 2016 release of “Dim the Lights.” This debut album comes after two single iTunes releases in 2015: “The Sound of Sex” and “Think of You.” 

The title track single of the album is set for a January 2016 release. 

Early Years 

Prin was born and raised in Jersey City, NJ with Manhattan as a lifelong playground.

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