Into the depths of a synthesized space, where music is lightyears ahead of its time and Aliens have been the present past and future. M.O.T.R. introduces their music to the galaxy as well as discovers musical talents like the martians at "Club Enceladus". 

Even through "Saturns Storm(s)" the "Views from Saturn" are beautiful. Though a evil energy lurks in the galaxy, after the "Queen of the Moon", to steal her precious "Moonrocks" to create their own evil planet with. 

From the "Roses of Venus" to the "Voyage to Beyond", M.O.T.R. finds out that the "New Lands" do well...come in "Peace".


M.O.T.R. (Mind on the Run) aka P-Rice is an experimental electronica/hip-hop producer and college radio personality that has been active in Massachusetts for a decade. P-Rice began as a hip-hop artist and then held a successful radio show at 89.5fm WSKB in Westfield, MA where he interviewed and promoted local to international artists music to the world. Soon after, P-Rice's other persona "M.O.T.R." took over, producing a variety of chill ambient electronic hip-hop vibes to bring you into another world..where creativity is freedom. Stay in tuned with the M.O.T.R. world through our social media links.

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 Moons Of Saturn
   I am very grateful to him.

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