“Juxta fuses a raw, garage rock style sound, reminiscent of Ministry and Joy Division, with a wide vocal range to produce something quite unique and refreshing in this age of uninspiring, copycat music.” 

“JUXTA defies classical categorization….his hard hitting garage rock sound with wide ranging vocal capabilities put him in a place of his own choosing at any given moment. His talent for music craft is a refreshing wind of change in an age when commercial music seems to have all but stagnated. Delivering hard hitting music that asks you to think in one breath and in the next taking you on a light hearted stroll.” – Tainted Icarus. 

The debut album, juxta, was recorded, mixed and mastered entirely in GarageBand and whilst it may lack the production values of modern music it gives it a raw sound and edginess that perfectly matches the style of music and vocals.

Children with Cancer Charity          would like to thank
     for donating his song
The Beautiful Ones
   I am very grateful to him.

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