Julia Thomsen


Julia Thomsen is an instrumental composer of music used for Films, Therapy and Relaxation. 

She was brought up in Scotland and now lives with her French husband and two sons. 

Her fifth album, Forever Seasons reached number 10 on iTunes in November 2015 and it followed her previous album Sky Drop which reached number five in the World New Age chart on iTunes. 

Julia's music aims to be soothing yet uplifting at the same time.  It provides a relaxing and calm atmosphere where people can escape from the endless technology intrusions and to do lists. 

Julia Thomsen composed the score for the film Looking Out For George which was short listed for a special jury prize at the Raindance Film Festival in 2002. 

She donated the proceeds of Forever Seasons when it was launched to Pauls Cancer Support Centre in Battersea where they are using the album during their therapy sessions.

Children with Cancer Charity          would like to thank
      for donating her song
Look Back In Time
    I am very grateful to her.

childrenwithcancercharity.org is a non-profit, not registered in England and Wales, I raise funds and donate to Registered charity - The Bradley Lowery Foundation Research Fund.