JJ Catrone


JJ Catrone has been playing music his whole life. He started as an escape from the harsh reality of his childhood. Playing guitar and singing came naturally to him so he began performing at a young age. Although he was not always encouraged by his parents, his talent was undeniable. JJ began to get noticed and only maximized his drive and ambition. Although the struggles and detours the music business has taken him in many different and often difficult paths he continues to persevere and making the music his fans want to hear. JJ's style can be described as pop rock to country and blues. Considering his main influences are Bill Monroe, Elvis Presley, Eric Clapton, and Pink Floyd (to name a few), he crosses all genre barriers. Currently JJ is working with his good friend and band mate,drummer Michael Reschke on new music. They both reside in Northwest Florida and share the same passion and drive to bring their fans new and inspiring music.

Children with Cancer Charity         would like to thank
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  I am very grateful to him.

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