Jim Armstrong


Well im married with a teenage daughter. In full time employment but write and play music in my spare time in my converted garage. ( now a recording studio ) 

Closest I ever got to Fame was when I was 12 years old. I had passed auditions for a show called Opportunity Knocks with Hughie Green. I was due to appear on TV but fell ill with flu. A certain young lad called Neil Reid was shoed in to replace me. He went on to Worldwide Fame with "Mother of Mine". 
I dabled with music in later years playing in Bands through the years, but gave up in my early 20,s. I met an old friend by chance one day who was still doing music with his band. After a little persausion from my daughter, I jammed in with the guys a few times and the bug took over again. I wasnt prepared to tour as my family came first, but i carried on writing my own songs and recording them .
Im not looking for fame and fortune. Music is something I enjoy doing.

Children with Cancer Charity         would like to thank
      for donating his songs
Railway Man &                   Remember The Times
    I am very grateful to him.

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