Elton  Adams


Canadian soldier, Elton Adams has been performing for his fellow soldiers since he joined the military at the age of 17. While serving his country in Afghanistan in 2008, Sgt Adams performed his song, What A Soldier Left Behind, with Canada’s beloved rock band Blue Rodeo. He released his first rock album in March 2009 (most of the songs on the album were written in Afghanistan) upon returning to Canada. In addition to having his songs chart on various internet radio stations, Sgt Adams has received numerous awards for his music contributions to the Canadian Forces including 5 coins of excellence from 5 different generals and the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal. The Canadian Forces also released Sgt Adams’ new song, “Lock and Load”, which commemorates the amazing efforts of Canadian soldiers while deployed to Afghanistan. Further, after returning from his third tour of duty (second tour to Afghanistan), Elton released two new songs, "My Canadian Girls" and "Gunslinger".  

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