EL GEN is a rock band from Buenos Aires, Argentina born in 2008 and initially with the name of the DOSVEINTE. For much of the band kept the name but when it was managing the first album decides to turn and change the name as it (the Dosveinte) was used, ie, there were already many bands with it. GENE born there, whose name comes from the song cut diffusion (WITHOUT CONTROL GENE). Rock band consists of four members; Maxi Sosa on vocals, guitar Nicolas Pavon, Maximiliano Poppiti low and Leandro baterĂ­a.En Crincoli in style to listen to the band's notorious influence ACDC with hard rock bands of 90' 70'80'y as ZZTop, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Wasp, Motorhead, etc ... and domestic and Riff, Pappo, Almafuerte, White Rat and others. With a powerful yet simple sound is achieved get the role, rocking letters with stories, ideas and positions the gene is flying heads in the country where local..esperemos is achieved today is playing for the first time .. !!

 Children with Cancer Charity             would like to thank
      for donating their song
Son Control
         I would like to thank
Maxi,Nicolas, Maximiliano                     & Leandro
     I am very grateful to them.

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