My Story

My name is Freddy Stratton and I come from Windsor, UK.
In 2012 I was taken ill with Transverse Myelitis and was partially paralysed down my left side.
During my recovery I taught myself to play a keyboard with great support of a close friend Jean Taylor.
She was very influential in my getting started with my music. 
After giving Greensleeves a good bashing the music got better until I then started to do a bit of composing.
Not being able to return to my full time job as a taxi driver I became a carer for one of my taxi customers who had become quite frail.
Her name was Joan Hyde, and I had been her taxi driver for many years.
She had loved the songs I composed and played them regularly.
In 2014 she was diagnosed with cancer. 
It was very sad to watch her go through this horrible illness, as she had always been a very active person.
I nursed her up to palliative care and sadly lost her in April of that year.
I wanted to do something in Joan's Memory so I started selling copies of my songs and donating the money to Cancer Research UK in her name.
I then had an idea to start a charity for Children with Cancer keeping Joans memory alive through music.
I had sold a few copies of my songs, but it wasn't enough, so I opened a twitter account and sent out a request for singers, songwriters and bands to donate a song for the charity.
I was overwhelmed with the response I got from artists world wide.
I chose childrens cancer because I think they are so brave with what they go through day to day.
With this charity I hope very much to raise awareness and funds for these horrible illnesses.
I am so very grateful to the artists who have donated their songs to the charity as without them this would not have been so successful.
Just recently in 2018 I was diagnosed with Parkinson's, and although this has slowed me down, I will continue with my charity work with your help and support.
I would like to thank you all for your kind words, music, friendship and support. Thank you so very much.
The only deduction from the charity is PayPal money handling service.
We have so far raised £10,372.84 and have over 200 songs that have been donated to the charity.
My ultimate aim is for the charity to be the site that singers, songwriters, musicians and bands around the world can donate a song to help raise funds for children's cancer research and at the same time can be promoted by the charity for their great support.
I would like to thank all the artists who have donated songs and all the people who follow and support the charity.
Your support is immense and so gratefully accepted.
Thank you.
If you would like to contact me with any questions or ideas you have about the charity I would love to hear from you.

For 4 years I have raised funds for CRUK Kids & Teens, raising £10,372,84.

I have decided that I would like to help others in need too, and discovered The Bradley Lowery Foundation.

After speaking in length to a member of the BLF team, I decided that my efforts would also benefit this charity, who have their own research fund, where 100% of the funds raised go directly to researchers carrying out the vital work.

The BLF work with many families within England and Wales fundraising for treatment or equipment not available on the NHS, as well as funding vital research into all childhood cancers, they are also building an amazing holiday home for families to enjoy when out of hospital.

It was agreed that I could become an official fundraiser and be offered support when needed.

You can find out more about The Bradley Lowery Foundation by visiting:

Kind Regards.
Freddy is a non-profit, not registered in England and Wales, I raise funds and donate to Registered charity - The Bradley Lowery Foundation Research Fund.