Audio Pervert ( Samrat B ) is a motivated artist and electronic musician linked to a growing circuit of indie music, bands, DJs and emerging music culture of India. FOR A DECADE HE HAS BUILT   ARTIST COLLECTIVES, COMPILATIONS, NETWORKS, ALBUMS AND TOURS ACROSS INDIA CONNECTING INTERNATIONALLY WITH MUSICIANS & PROFESSIONALS FROM CHINA, GERMANY, REUNION ISLAND, SPAIN AND SWITZERLAND -VIA NUMEROUS ON-GOING COLLABORATIONS, PROJECTS AND AGREEMENTS.. Since 2005, Audio Pervert has produced a range of indie albums, electronic dance music juntas , experimental electronic music labs with Indian and international artists. Teddy Boy Kill being the brightest example of a D.I.Y Live EDM success. 1999 - current THROUGH Bollywood music, COMMERCIAL SOUND PRODUCTION PLUS LIVE STAGE productions MARK His career span FOR the last 16 years - multiple monikers as a composer, electronic music propagator, synthesizer freak, SOUND ARTIST, MUSIC writer, blogger, DJ and a DIGITAL MEDIA EXPLORER. He currently resides in New Delhi, India and Valencia, Spain.

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Songs For Children
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